Cat Sitting Service


Pet Sitters International

"Trust me, she's worth it!" -Liam
(his mom is the tour manager for
the Rolling Stones)


"Best In-Home Cat Sitter 2010"

"Best Pet Sitter finalist 2008"



$27 per visit for up to 2 cats
Add $3 for each additional cat

Sittin’ Kitty services Park LaBrea and surrounding neighborhoods.

*The general service boundaries are as follows:
North as far as Hollywood Blvd.
South as far as Pico
East to Van Ness
West to Robertson

*Sittin’ Kitty does not provide overnight pet sitting.
*Sittin’ Kitty does not do every other day servicing out of safety for your pet and liability for us.

Holiday Rates:
There is an additional $5 PER VISIT on the following Holiday periods and $10 where noted:
Easter Sunday
Memorial Day weekend (Saturday-Monday)
July 4th weekend (Saturday –Monday)
Labor Day Weekend (Saturday – Monday)
Thanksgiving (Tuesday – Sunday)
$10 for Thanksgiving Day
December 20- January 2
$10 for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Key Pick-Ups/Returns:
$15 each trip (first pick up and return is free. See policies for more info.)

Vet/Groomer Visit:
$50/hr. plus cost of the service.

Oral and Topical meds: $2.00
Insulin Injections: $4.00
Sittin’ Kitty does not administer Subcutaneous fluids at this time.

Shopping charge:
$30.00 plus cost of purchase
(please prepare with enough food and litter to avoid this fee. You will always use the extra supplies when you come home.)

Returned check fee:
$25.00 plus the bank fees per check.

Payment is always due on the first day of service. Sittin’ Kitty does not accept post dated checks.

Services include:
Changing water
Scooping/changing litter box
Love & attention
Bringing in the mail
Watering indoor plants
Turning lights off/on
Opening/closing blinds